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LINE Austin Hotel

The LINE Hotel seeks to balance old and new traditions. Drawing on the spirited feel of downtown Austin and the soul of adjacent Lady Bird Lake, the hotel reimagines an existing 1960s, modernist building. The design of the hotel renovation and expansion uses a variety of contrasting materials, with hard and soft textures, and disposable and revered elements to create a sense of playfulness while stripping away the layers of remodels to reveal the original, modernist building.

The lobby once again is an open, generous communal space that flows from the street to the park and reveals the lake. The design is inspired by beautiful local memories like the geology and greenery of Hamilton Pool, sunsets over the hill country, the aquifer rivers flowing beneath Austin, the color of the water in Ladybird Lake fireflies and campfires, the lore of Texas, and what our City's future may look like. The hotel is designed as a series of vignettes for a different way of living. Rooted in art, the design connects the user emotionally and psychologically with the city in a way we believe they have not seen before.

The hotel features a variety of meeting spaces as well as multiple food and beverage opportunities including Arlo Grey, an all-day restaurant led by Top Chef winner Kristen Kish, Dean’s One Trick Pony, a casual burger joint, Alfred, a coffee bar and café, and P6, a rooftop cocktail bar boasting panoramic views of Lady Bird Lake.

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Status: Built
Location: Austin, TX, US
Firm Role: Architect and Interior Designer
Additional Credits: Interior Design in collaboration with Knibb Design