Rotterdam, NL


re-use, re-move, re-vitalize

Type: International design competition
Location: Höfdabakki 9, Iceland
Client: Nordic Innovation organization, Reitir Real-estate
Program/Size: 7000m2
Status: Settled
The Nordic Built Challenge proposal consists of three distinct parts: site, building exterior and building interior.

The proposal improves the quality and legibility of the site by emphasizing the connecting backbone of the site as a pedestrian friendly boulevard. The overall site green is enhanced, new canopies and zebra crossings improve the experience of the site for pedestrians in the harsh Icelandic weather.

By partially removing the vertical facade slabs a new, fresh and more communicative architecture can be realized. Horizontal sun shading in combination with planters reinforce new green image.

A new typology has been fit into the outspoken curved shape of the building: a new wooden element housing all closed functions generates a counter-curve. It provides a variety of both open and closed working spaces in a singular simple gesture. Let the smart work begin!


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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Reykjavík, IS
Firm Role: Architect
Additional Credits: Jaakko van ’t Spijker
Paul van den Bergh