Rotterdam, NL


Erasmus University Campus

The Erasmus university will enhance its (inter)national exposure and flair and robustness towards the future, through the entire redevelopment of its Woudestein campus, in Rotterdam. A new program will be incorporated including student housing, a student pavilion, student facilities and study spaces and faculties. The current campus complex is a legacy of the 1960’s and subsequent years of short term planning. With this master plan operation, the campus will realize a qualitative jump, by incorporating global success factors onto the campus. New clear main entrances, a transparent internal spatial organization, a car-free redesigned outside space, a large half sunk parking garage, a new water body are just a few elements of the integrated new master plan that will reshape the face of the campus in the coming years. 

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Rotterdam, NL
Additional Credits: Designed with Juurlink [+] Geluk, Sputnik
Client: Erasmus University Rotterdam
Project management: Res & Smit, Amsterdam