Dutton Architects

Dutton Architects

Los Angeles, CA


Opaline Restaurant

Built in 2003- 2,750 sq ft

Opaline is located on a corner of one of the most active restaurant locations in Los Angeles.  The design attempts to complement the menu; to be simple, honest, comfortable, and well executed.  The floors are polished concrete.  The ceiling consists of stained poplar slats, which hide the mechanical ducts and electrical conduits, and allow for ambient sound to escape and be trapped.  The ceiling reads then as a continuous fabric, with no light cans or mechanical registers.  Cork walls help acoustically soften the space.  At the center of the dining room, wrapping an existing column is a light sculpture of fiberglass.  Dividing the two rooms is a stained stud wall, with an etched glass and wood slat screen.

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Status: Built
Location: Los Angeles, CA, US