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Indore School

Much has changed since the Age of Enlightenment and the Industrial Revolution, unfortunately the design of our schools has largely not evolved at all. Connected by long corridors, classrooms have been traditionally designed as enclosed environments for academic learning.

The new Indore School design aims to radically rethink both the traditional classroom learning environment as well as the physical arrangement of those spaces. With a prototype designed for mid, mass and premium markets, the Indore School educational experience will never differ, only the materials used to build each school

The process of learning that takes place between student and teacher has typically been housed in a physical classroom. Conventional subjects such as Geography, Social Sciences, History, Mathematics and English were taught with students seated at desks and the teacher standing in front of a blackboard. This classroom offered a defined space that a teacher would use to convey new or modify existing knowledge, behaviors, skills or values to students.

The Indore School steps away from conventional classroom learning and integrate eco-learning and social-learning to create a complete learning experience. Learning is no longer contained to a single physical space, but expands to include social learning that occurs beyond the walls of the classroom and continues to emerge with eco-learning that exists in the surrounding natural environment.

A school is no longer viewed as an impersonal, prescriptive and monumental institution, but a personal, flexible and familiar place.

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Indore, India