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PURE Architecture

Shanghai, CN


Mersey Observatory

Located in the Mersey estuary, the project aims to interweave visitors’ experiences with the “finest yet rarely seen” natural beauty along the coast line. The proposed observatory is not only a place to appreciate the surrounding nature, but itself becomes a part of the overall environment. A unique Tidal Park is created with a series of landscape parcels interwoven with pedestrian paths. These parcels are featured with a variety of natural elements from local plants to different levels of tides, symbolizing the site as a connection and transition point from water to land. An observation tower rises from the ground, in the shape of a large wave hitting on the shore. Similar yet diverse patterns extend from the land to the tower, creating various viewing windows to the surroundings in different levels and angles. Wind and tidal turbines are well incorporated into the design to generate green energy. In a more digital technology dominated world, we are gradually neglecting and losing the down-to-earth interactions with people and nature around us. This visually striking and environmental friendly observatory will serve as a new gateway for Merseyside, attracting citizens and visitors from all over the world to intermingle and interact. It will not only become an elegant showcase and unique landmark of sustainability, but mark the revival of Liverpool and the surrounding region.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Liverpool, BR