PURE Architecture

PURE Architecture

Shanghai, CN


Bai Shui Zhai.Star BayII

The harmony between body, soul and mind, the three essentials of human beings, is the ultimate goal of our life. The harmony, however, has been weakened and disappeared gradually within
the stressful urban life. The Star Bay will provide an inclusive environment for our customers to rebuild the spiritual, mental and physical harmony.
An art center, star hotel, serviced apartments and villas from phase I will be built along two golf courses, convention center, large spa villas of phase II to create a rich community with sports, leisure, arts, and conference programs. And through its unique natural resources, diverse resort activities, together with its iconic image, it will become the most influential and lively resort in the neighborhood.
Make appropriate adjustment of the existing water to make it a distinctive seven-star-shaped lake. The water drops from northwest to southeast following the existing topography, creating a unique identity for each lake.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Guangzhou, CN