New Taipei City


Spiral Pavilion

C-Hub is the place where it promotes design, creativity and innovation. For the cardboard pavilion – Spiral, we collaborated with YFY Group and intend to create a non-enclosed brainstorming spot to accelerate the interaction between people. Soft curvature plus folded stools creates a free form for imagination. Cardboard, which is considered as fragile material, can be folded into a beautiful skin, while thin sheets of cardboard become a strong structure. The spiral surface is subdivided with parametric modeling software for CNC machine to cut unique triangles, and the pieces are slightly different from each other. Cut outs of Sakura pedals represents the flow of creativity. With the aid of digital fabrication methods, however, we are able to produce precisely cut components, which can be easily assembled without any special techniques or skills.

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Status: Built
Location: Tainan, TW
Firm Role: Design and construction