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We raise this project as continuation of the equipment of El Parque de las Llamas. The integration in this space seemed to be unavoidable. With more reason to be located in the south-facing slope, where there are scarcely buildings. In that sense, its volume should remain sensed leaving in addiction certain protagonism to the new bridge that crosses the water-course.

Nevertheless the ESCENARIO SANTANDER is called to be a reference in the city…We understand that once the bridge that marks the provisional beginning of the park is passed-in the clearing existing between the groves provided by Battle and Roig –that space must be transformed into a place for the music.

The PLACE is not undetermined. The place is defined as a way of " being in "; in addition, while the archetype of the Aristotelian place is the cube, in this case, supporting the properties, the geometry is deformed to optimize its acoustic conditions and to transform it in " a place for the music ". It is created a covered, almost exterior space, prepared to bring together to the different groups of our city, with possibility of being opened towards the park across the large door of the south front.

Thus, the building is established from the level of the street down. On the cover is proposed an access square, capable of being used as "viewing-point" towards the park, as "short-cut" between longer different routes, as a meeting point... On it only the accesses and all the facilities of the building are accused .This volume can be understood as a great label-advertisement both on the own building and of the groups that come to act in it. The great thermal and acoustic inertia below that provides its thickness, makes easier the creation of an amazing space. The exterior image, from the abstraction, seeks to make compatible the natural lighting with the solar protection.

The incorporation of the facilities of Santander´s Music Band, all this together makes an hybrid space, inclined to accommodate and provide support to all types of musical interests.

Creative Music Center
Auditorium for 500-100 persons, dressing room, 15 rehearsal studio, recording studio, classroom, offices, vending area, particular instrument store.
City Music Band.

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Status: Built
Location: Parque de las llamas, Santander, EspaƱa