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New York, NY


Three Waterline Square

As one of three residential towers situated within a large landscaped public park remote from public transit, Three Waterline Square was designed with a wide range of amenities and set back from New York City’s Hudson River frontage relative to its neighboring buildings.

In compliance with zoning requirements prescribed by the City’s Master Plan, which drives pyramidal shapes and angles for buildings, the Three Waterline Square’s design strives to create a singular vertical object that, with its crystalline shape, becomes a sculptural piece of architecture in the landscape of glass towers along the Hudson River waterfront. Seemingly random and varied patterning across multiple facets of angled glass accentuate the building, but this randomness isn’t whimsical. Instead, the expression of the exterior is determined by the definition of the interiors (living vs. sleeping vs. dining). The alternating glass and opaque panels also create a balance between energy conservation, zoning requirements, and a market need to provide floor-to-floor glass exposures within the residential units.

Three Waterline Square is comprised of 35 floors: 21 floors of rentals, 11 floors of condominiums, the top two of which are duplex penthouses, and two mechanical floors at the apex. The building has two separate lobbies for the condominiums and rental residences with a parking ramp adjacent to the rental lobby for parking access. The planned rental amenity space located at the second level and a condominium amenity space located at the 21st level provide residence “living rooms” for building occupants’ use.

There are two retail spaces at the North and South of the Building. The North Retail space is to be a restaurant with a full kitchen while the South Retail space is a commercial business to be determined.

The top two floors of the building where the angular triangle converges to an apex is reserved for mechanical equipment such as energy recovery air handling units, water tower, cooling tower, and a window washing boom that forms the triangular shape of the facade. All of these components are arranged so as to fit within the envelope of the building.

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Status: Built
Location: New York, NY, US