Migdal Arquitectos | Jaime Varón | Abraham Metta | Alex Metta

Migdal Arquitectos | Jaime Varón | Abraham Metta | Alex Metta

Mexico, MX


Privée Bosques Residential

Residencial Privee is a luxury residential complex located in the west of Mexico City, sited on a 32,160 m2 property that is defined by a pronounced slope, which in the final third of the terrain abruptly descends 36 meters to a golf club.

Privee includes six buildings arranged in two lines of three, parallel to the ravine. Each building contains ten 450 m2 apartments on five floors to give a total of 60 units.

The design concept is inspired by the ravine and the provision of views for the apartments. Staggering each line of buildings and incorporating horizontal displacements provide volumetric interest to the façade, generating broad terraces for each apartment and achieving a space of transition between the inside and outside.

The buildings absorb the height difference and leads on to a 3,500 m2 green area that forms a connection between the public area and the first apartment buildings. Each of the three buildings connect in the first line by means of bridges.

The finishes tend towards sobriety and elegance. The façades employ a beige-colored stone that, as a result of the interplay of volumes, gives the impression of sculpted blocks, emphasized by accents in an oxford gray stone.

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Status: Built
Location: Mexico City
Firm Role: architect Leader