New York, NY


Miami Collage Garage

WORKac’s garage façade makes parking a car into an unexpected opportunity for social interaction. In just four feet of depth, the façade packs in a vertical series of public spaces, including a gallery for graffiti art, a children’s play area with slide and climbing wall, a garden with a single palm tree, a DJ platform on top of the egress stairs, a lending library, listening lounge, fountain, bar, car washer/charger, and space for pets.

At the roof level, a few parking spaces are removed to accommodate a small auditorium and beach space. A reservoir collects runoff from the roof to irrigate the garden. The public spaces and connecting staircases are expressed on the façade as a series of mesh-screened tunnels, like an ant farm of urban activity presented to the street below.

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Status: Built
Location: Miami, FL, US
Firm Role: Architects
Additional Credits: Principals: Amale Andraos + Dan Wood
Project Architect: Hyuntek Yoon
Project Team: Sam Dufaux, Göran Eriksson, Yuchen Guo, Trevor Hollyn Taub, Yue Zhong
Collaborators: Terence Riley, Master Planner
TimHaahs, Associate Architect
Photos by: Miguel de Guzman (ImagenSubliminal)