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VTB Stadium and Arena

The new VTB Stadium and Arena Development - named after VTB Bank, the Moscow bank spearheading the $1.5 billion USD development — encompasses a new 45,000-seat FIFA regulation outdoor stadium, a 12,000-15,000-seat indoor multi-purpose arena, a high-end mixed-use commercial entertainment district, residential towers, commercial office towers, and a new five-star hotel. The project is currently in the Schematic Design phase, and is slated for completion in 2017.

The new sport and entertainment facility is located in Petrovsky Park in the heart of central Moscow, and is to be built atop the historic walls of the original Dynamo Moscow stadium. The site has a rich history dating back to 1782, when Catherina the Great ordered the construction of the adjacent Petrovsky Palace. The groundbreaking new design integrates two levels of commercial retail space within the historically preserved walls of the old stadium, and locates both the outdoor football stadium and the indoor multi-use arena together above these new commercial areas. The two sport venues can operate completely independently, yet are combined within a single building enclosure. This unique solution not only preserves the historic façade of the existing stadium and the surrounding parkland, it creates a fully integrated sport and entertainment destination.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Moscow, Russia