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Bauhaus Museum Store Weimar

Bauhaus-Museum-Store, Weimar Wins German Design Award - Excellent Architecture

In 2019, the Bauhaus Museum in Weimar, dedicated to one of the most significant design and art schools of the 20th century, celebrated its 100th anniversary. To mark this memorable occasion, the Bauhaus Museum Weimar was opened, proudly showcasing the world's oldest Bauhaus collection.

Not only does the museum itself draw admiration, but also its museum store, designed by the renowned architect and designer Felix Schwake. Schwake, known for his philosophy that "architecture must be the background for life," was challenged to find a functional and aesthetic solution for the shop that honors the history of the Bauhaus while providing practical functionality in daily operations.

A central challenge that arose during the store's planning phase was the lack of a traditional storage area, essential for retail. This led to the necessity of finding an innovative, design-oriented solution. Schwake masterfully addressed this challenge by creating sculptural design elements that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also offer practical storage space. This unique solution allows for the necessary storage area to be realized directly within the exhibition space, turning an initial disadvantage into the central concept of the shop, with the added benefit of readily accessible restocking.

The store features a flexible spatial concept that allows for daily variation in product presentation. Mobile podiums draw attention to the products while providing the required storage space. Furthermore, the shelves are equipped with glass back panels that can be positioned as needed to function as display cases, offering additional protection for high-value items.

This unique spatial concept was developed in collaboration with the Museum Store's manager, Mr. von Keyserlingk, an author and keynote speaker specializing in retail concepts. It seamlessly integrates into the existing space while providing a distinctive aesthetic identity.

The successful synthesis of design, functionality, and respect for the Bauhaus heritage earned the Bauhaus Museum Store in Weimar the German Design Award in the category of Excellent Architecture.

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Status: Built
Location: Weimar, DE
Firm Role: Architect