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Casa Rancho Avándaro

In the environs of Valle de Bravo, Casa Rancho Avándaro is a weekend retreat designed primarily to make the most of its extensive natural surroundings. The house is a commanding presence on the landscape, striking a balance between the well-tended gardens and the imposing stone buildings.

The retreat is based on the concept of Mexican haciendas: the solidity and purity of the volumes combines with locally-sourced materials, and patios. The project consists of three main volumes, each one contained by stone walls acting as interconnected partitions. Each volume has a tiled, gable roof supported by timber beams of varying heights to meet a range of needs.

The living and dining room are located in the central structure, a double-height space that connects to a terrace with a jacuzzi to the front, and a central patio to the rear. The wings have the master bedroom (including a studio on a mezzanine floor), kitchen, and other service areas. It was important for the retreat to work as an independent home while also offering the possibility of entertaining family members and friends. An annex building is connected to the main house via a glass bridge across the patio, offering privacy while still clearly belonging to the overall program.

The interior design is developed around the use of lighting, finishes, and the local vegetation. The stonework has been left exposed indoors where it combines with ironwork features, wood of various hues (for the mezzanine level, furniture, and partition walls), and poured concrete (for the kitchen and bathroom flooring).

The project creates a welcoming, comfortable and cozy space that combines classic hacienda-style elements in the exteriors with contemporary interior design, achieving a harmonious combination of luxury, aesthetic appeal, and functionality. 

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Status: Built
Location: Avándaro, MX
Firm Role: Architecture and Interior Design
Additional Credits: Rafael Gamo and Jaime Navarro