Between The Walls

Between The Walls

Kiev, UA



The interior of this project can not be called simple. We have long and carefully worked out his style to combine modern details with elements of vintage.
We selected warm wood and soft textures of carpets and textiles, mixed them with steel tables, recycled plastic and old mirror frames. We worked on color, duplicated shades and textures and everything to make the interior look whole after a long diffusion, despite the many accent details.
We also introduced some "humorous" elements into the apartment, such as a mirror in the guest bathroom, contemporary art in the hallway in the form of a diptych by a Ukrainian young artist, as well as shelves and a dining table in the proportions and likeness of Donald Judd's work.
Despite the small area, the majority of the space was given to the private area in the form of a bedroom, bathroom and wardrobe. We have made this part softer and more cozy: here you can see a lot of wood, elements of rattan weaving and a lot of textiles.
Also, you can not ignore the fan, which plays a key role in the concrete ceiling. It was one of the main wishes of the client and fit perfectly into the interior.
This is one of our boldest projects precisely because the client completely trusted us and our expertise.

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Status: Built
Location: Kiev, UA
Firm Role: Interior architect
Additional Credits: Designer: Victoria Karieva
Visualizations: Artem Potapenko