Between The Walls

Between The Walls

Kiev, UA


Kim Bar Kazka

The restaurant of new, modern cuisine Kazka is located in a picturesque city in the heart of Ukraine - Cherkasy. The concept of the project was developed before the war in the country, and the design itself inspired a new name and format. The uniqueness of the restaurant of Ukrainian cuisine lies in the modern format of work and serving dishes, the use of local products on the menu.

The history of this place begins with the brutal and popular among young people Cherkasy bar. The place needed renovation, a fresh look and a change in the format of work. To do this, after starting work on the project, we primarily wanted to change the irrelevant principles of decoration, to bring freshness and lightness to the place, instead of the previous brutality.
Back to the roots.
The house, where the restaurant is located, was built by the owner's father - so it was also important to show through the design. Such a reference to family relations was the cleaning of the main wall from graffiti to brick. After all, the interior should always work in conjunction with the exterior and complement each other.
Colours and materials.
From the exterior, we singled out and took as a basis the dark green color in the design of the restaurant. The previous interior lacked the naturalness of materials, a sense of something familiar, warm and close. This was another important task in this project. Therefore, the new facility has a lot of treated wood: tables, chairs, pots. The brand of chairs used in the design that are successfully emphasising the chosen concept - Sancrea.
Walls and ceilings - decorative, embossed white plaster. It will remotely resemble the Ukrainian interiors of the past. It will hint at the rich history of this region.
Light is a separate interesting part of the interior. As for design, we have looked at renderings for a while, which areas should be highlighted, and which is better to leave in the shade. And it's not just about the functional light, but also about the decorative one.
We put a lot of greenery inside the restaurant, illuminated it with separate light sources to make it more voluminous in perception.
We tried to make the arrangement of tables so that each guest could choose a place to their liking: to be the center of attention or to sit at a quiet and cozy table.
Traditions in new format of the restaurant play an important role, so we did not abandon them, but on the contrary, helped to implement in the design. One of such traditions is watching movies, so we left space on the wall in the centre of the restaurant under the projector screen. Also, a selfie in the mirror of the KIM bar corridor has become a classic and another tradition. At Kazka, this place has become even more attractive. We designed an arched tunnel, which is illuminated by hidden light sources. He carries a phantasmagoric mood.
Among the unique decorations in the interior, we designed a non-standard door handle to place the glasses outside and illuminate them. They have an arched shape, like a selfie-zone.
We visualized the shelf above the bar made of clear glass, so that, sitting at a table, you can look at the choice of alcohol.
The important thing is that with many changes, we tried to keep what we could. For example, the base of the bar was left without updates - only added a decorative coating and additional plaster decor. We also left the floor in the whole room in advance. Thus, the history and mood of the new institution will remind of the previous favorite place of many.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Chernivtsi, UA
Firm Role: Interior Architects
Additional Credits: Designer: Victoria Karieva
Visualizations: Artem Potapenko