J Frankl Architects

J Frankl Architects

New York, NY


387 Bushwick - Mixed Use

JFA helped the client maximize what they were able to built on site for this project by:

  • recommending a lot merger that made the site a corner lot which allowed for 100% lot coverage while locating parking in the cellar so the full lot could be utilized for first floor rentable space.
  • included a Community Facility on the first floor which allowed them to provide an additional full floor of Zoning Floor Area (ZFA) to the building.
  • obtained additional ZFA by providing energy efficient walls which allowed for portions of the walls to be excluded from ZFA.
  • provided a dwelling unit on the first floor which allowed for the first floor residential lobby to be deducted from ZFA.
  • provided a window at the elevator lobby of each residential floor to allow for the corridors to be excluded from ZFA.
  • provided ZFA diagrams for DOB examiner to identify mechanical, electrical, and plumbing shafts and rooms that we deducted from ZFA.
  • provided refuse rooms on each floor (which were required by Quality Housing) and sized them so we could deduct the maximum area possible for them from ZFA as allowed by NYC Zoning Resolution.
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Status: Under Construction
Location: Brooklyn, NY, US
Firm Role: Architectural Designer
Additional Credits: M Architecture P.C. is the Architect of Record