J Frankl Architects

J Frankl Architects

New York, NY


Borinquen Pl.

The Borinquen project is a proposal for a new 7 story mixed use building. This project requires intelligent engagement with a multitude of constraints in place, such as irregular site conditions, codes and budgets. Using these as a catalyst, the development accommodates inherent expansion and progress. Proposing a total gross area of approximately 150,000 SF, based on the current M1-2/R6A/MX-8 (Inclusionary Housing) zoning district which permits a net FAR of 3.60, given that 20% of the dwelling units are for affordable housing. The building will house approximately 130 residential dwelling units on the 1st through 7th floors, amenity and accessory spaces, automobile and bicycle parking on the 1st floor and retail spaces in the Cellar.  The building comes together as an organic collage of materials in their raw form- Concrete, wood, glass and metal. The sharp angular geometry creates the first bold impression which carries the eye horizontally across the building, accentuated through the wooden paneling. The exposed concrete interrupts the linearity of the design and accentuates the structure of building. Born out of a collaborative process nurtured by the various roles and constraints within the building industry this project strives to achieve a highly responsive building relative to both the client’s aspirations and the community needs. 

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Brooklyn, NY, US
Additional Credits: Interior design by Studio SC, Brooklyn.