The architecture is not limited at the time of design but ends in the realization of the work, and this occurs not before the screening of administrations and entities related to the building process. These reports, however, can not justify lack commitment design, nor the total submission to market demands: the whole process is always a social act shared, of which architecture is an expression.

The project involved the construction of a building for residential use within an undeveloped lot and not reached by public services such as roads, sewers and lighting, for which it has been necessary to provide such as emblematic of the access via the wide green area fronting residences. The car benefits from a building in which were already planned underground parking and is on three levels above ground: eight apartments equally divided in the first two floors and one apartment with attic of relevance.

Beyond a mere intervention functional description, the action pin is the desire to reconfirm the architectural quality as a guide, refusing the approval to the reassuring and anonymous morphology of the built environment.

The classic and consolidated the residential functions are enclosed within a "box", which does not reject the archetype of the parallelepiped volume, but also in the voltage of the design research "comes to life" and rotates along an axis parallel to the ground, raising ground the look of his face more representative. Cleaning and compactness of statements are the objectives pursued, achieved in adopting a simple and direct language, as evident in setting the main front: the large balconies extend the entire length of the front, but a single sign coordinates the complexity of synthesizing system-report the individual elements into a single dominant motive.

The graphic element to which the management of the fronts in no case has been entrusted makes it less legible the big box rotated: the two color of the plaster leaves standout wrap white on the gray of the recessed surfaces, helping to emphasize the guidelines of the morphology dell ' intervention.

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Status: Built
Location: cesena
Firm Role: architect