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Weather Projects

Los Angeles, CA


​House No. 2

House No. 2 is a simple two-story structure composed of interlocking volumes that allows light and space to flow between the garden level and upper level. The semi-open floor plan includes an open living room and kitchen on the garden level with semi-private guest and master bedroom spaces on the upper level. Each exterior opening at the entry, kitchen and master bedroom are fitted with custom steel and glass door and window systems fabricated by the owner. The large opening at the kitchen can be protected from the eastern sunlight by a patterned sliding scrim that moves independently of the door. At the second level there is a flexible loft space for an office or guest room. The loft space is set back from the perimeter walls allowing for a double-height connection to the kitchen below. This setback also allows light from the skylights to filter down to the garden level. Adjacent to the loft is a master bedroom with large windows opening up views to the east.

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Status: Built
Location: Los Angeles, CA, US
Firm Role: architect