Westmount, QC, CA | Burlington, VT


Victoria Village House & Garden

The only remaining private residence on a block of beautiful, historic, St. Marc Stone clad townhomes, the clients for this project were looking to reclaim their rear yard from its current use as a parking lot for four cars to transform it into an urban oasis that is visually and physically connected to the interior of their home.  RobitailleCurtis designed the garden as a private space that carefully screens views from the adjacent vacant parking lots. 

The existing kitchen was renovated to open the house to the new garden.  A wall of sliding glass doors opens to a covered porch.  The kitchen is filled with natural daylight and benefits from a galley layout that terminates with views to the garden.  

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Status: Built
Location: Westmount, Quebec
Firm Role: Architect and Landscape Architect
Additional Credits: Photography by Marc Cramer