Westmount, QC, CA | Burlington, VT


Giardino Monaco

Located on a steep, narrow site, this garden was overgrown with cedar hedges, dark and lacked usable space. The client wished to create a garden that would recall his cultural heritage in Italy. Natural, warm toned materials, curvilinear forms and a sense of permanence through enduring materiality were all strong drivers for this design. Given the close adjacency to neighbors, privacy was also a crucial consideration. The new garden is centered around a curving stair leading to a central patio and belvedere wall. Walls and curved stair are made from locally sourced, carved stone. Forty-four trees were planted for canopy succession and privacy. A carefully detailed pergola adds a beautiful focal point and intimacy to garden. Aerial hedges of hornbeam and hemlock trees, in addition to the cedar fence create a friendly and beautiful perimeter.

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Status: Built
Location: Montreal, QC, CA
Firm Role: Landscape Architect
Additional Credits: Photography by Marc Cramer