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OPeX studios

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lil' morphitures

Studies show that when given the choice, children commonly prefer to play and interact with real-world
objects rather than toys.
Furthermore, children of today are extremely well-versed in the digital world and grow up with the
exponentially increasing ability and desire to manipulate their digital stuff.
Naturally, they should expect their physical environments to allow them user-controlled manipulability as well.

“lil’ morphitures” is a line of
furniture for children that offers them the opportunity to construct a variety of furniture pieces from a kit of parts.
Due to their technique of
construction, light material built through rapid prototyping,
“lil’ morphitures” facilitate children with the ease in assembly and
dis-assembly of the pieces on their own.

“lil’ morphitures” are meant to encourage children’s divergent thinking, teach them about structural integrity of things and illuminate how details such as hinges work.
They allow children the manipulation of their physical stuff in the most real sense possible.

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Los Angeles, CA, US