Bangalore City, IN


Prakruthi - a design build residence

Practicing architecture has been a process of unlearning and search rather than of any expression or
achievement. Indigenous materials, techniques and locally appropriate aesthetics excite me. To bring these techniques in the mainstream rather than patronizing them as alternative is our dream.


Founded by Varun Thautam in 2008 while he designed and built his parents home with rammed earth straight out of school. He was then joined by Ajinkya Unhale to complete one of the three rammed earth homes design and built by the firm.

In 2010, Varun left to pursue studies on the history and theory of earthen construction  - Rammed earth to be specific and Ajinkya left to work in Auroville. We are still on the look out for design build projects that can be cost effective and meaningfully sustainable.

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Status: Built
Location: Bangalore City, IN