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Studio for a Painter

A young painter needed a personal workspace closer to her home that would also facilitate the creation of her multi-faceted pieces. Her new studio, composed of three intersecting boxes, is nestled into the hill behind her house overlooking the Silver Lake reservoir.  

The studio needed to provide a wide, open segment of floor to place paintings and collages as she works on them and tall, generous expanses of wall to hang the paintings while they dry or during work intervals. In addition, she preferred that no direct light come into the workspaces.

The result is a three-part building that consists of an office space in the front, a painting/workspace in the center, and a skylight resting above the two. The skylight box functions as a clerestory that floats above the central workspace and the office. This skylight system and exposed wood ceiling provides extensive ambient natural light while preventing any direct light from falling onto the walls. A suspended shade system constructed of recycled wood product further modulates incoming light.

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Status: Built
Location: Los Angeles, CA