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Kevin Daly Architects

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Slot Box House

The multi-tiered structure of the Slotbox House responds to the complexity of its 7,000 sf sloping site in Ocean Park, a neighborhood in south Santa Monica.  

The lowest level provides parking for four cars with an enclosed auto court. The living spaces, kitchen, and outdoor patio area are located directly above, barely concealed by translucent polycarbonate panels. The moveable panels open the interim to the surrounding landscape and bring ocean breezes through the entire house.

The private areas and bedrooms are located on the upper level of the house, a floor that is almost entirely opaque. They are hidden behind birch plywood that wraps onto the ceiling of the living level, forming a box that hangs above the rest of the site. The primary public rooms open onto gardens on either side: to the west, a formal terrace outside the living room; to the east, a garden outside the kitchen and dining room.

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Status: Built
Location: Santa Monica, CA