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SAP Ariba office building
SAP Ariba office building
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SAP Ariba Office

The modern style of the facades present a handsome counterpoint to much of the riverfront development

The new SAP Ariba Office Building is designed to be an urban complement to the overall North Shore district, and a continuation of the active streetscape that is indicative of the area. Bounded by the Riverfront Esplanade on one side, and ringed by ground floor restaurants flowing into the sidewalks, the building encourages social interaction and transparency. The modern style of the facades present a handsome counter­point to much of the riverfront development, while the overall form and massing blend in seamlessly.

The new office building is situated on the final riverfront site from the North Shore Master Plan created in the late 90’s in conjunction with the demolition of Three Rivers Stadium and the construction of PNC Park and Heinz Field (now Acrisure Stadium). This ‘district’ was envisioned to be an active, retail-driven streetscape environment that comes alive for game days and events, but is also sustainably back-filled by the activity of daytime corporate, retail and hotel traffic.

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Status: Built
Location: Pittsburgh, PA, US
Firm Role: Design Architect / Architect of Record
Additional Credits: N/A