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Diocese of Wheeling

Finding new space through selective demolition and adaptive reuse to create a new center for a religious community

Strada worked with the Diocese of Wheeling/Charleston to improve their Wheeling Campus. Earlier plans envisioned a new Chancery Building with an elaborate garden promenade, but the team’s efforts eventually coalesced around a plan to re-use the historic grade school for new Chancery and re-program the courtyard and other spaces.

The Cathedral Campus Plan for Wheeling reori­ents the administrative facilities of the Diocese to establish a campus setting around a new courtyard focused on St. Joseph’s Cathedral. The historic elementary school is reused as the new Chancery with an addition to pro­vide entry, public space, and new offices. Demonstrating Strada’s depth of talents we designed a new stained glass window and created exhibit space for significant religious artifacts of the diocese.  The new courtyard, fountain and gardens provide flexible spaces for both public events and private contemplation.  The short walk to the Mary Garden provides a place of contemplation and prayer.

Recognition:  AIA Pittsburgh Honor Award; Faith And Forum Honor Award for Religious Landscapes

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Status: Built
Location: Wheeling, WV, US
Firm Role: Design Architect / Architect of Record; Historic Preservation, Exhibit Design, Interiors, Landscape Design, Stained Glass Design, Fountain Design