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New York, NY


La Salsa

In the highly competitive marketplace of quality quick service Mexican food, proving freshness and made-to-order quality to the diner is an important defining difference.

La Salsa, the quick service Fresh Mexican Grill with over a hundred restaurants nationwide faced competition from Baja Fresh, Chipotle, Qdoba, prompting La Salsa to rethink the restaurants. Our new design features a centrally located kitchen where all the cooking is done in the open in an engaging and entertaining way. The customer seating now surrounds the aroma, sound and action of the food preparation, and the lack of any can openers or freezers emphasize the fresh, hand made quality of the food.

Signage features black and white street imagery, and the large menu board reaches out over the customers to provide a sense of shelter; a building within the building. Counter style eating has been added with windows overlooking the cooking, and a new salsa bar emphasizes the variety and hand made quality of the condiments.

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Status: Built