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Snow Mound

More and more, more is more…snow mound is located at the downtown square of Kuninkaankatu and Isokirkkokatu… conceived as a snow mound/ heap/ pile/ mountain/ wall/ barrier/ cave/ tunnel/ hole/ oculus/ guard tower/ fort/ beacon/ icon… snow mound creates a place for recreation as much as a place for congregation, even isolation…  outside the snow mound deploys simple techniques of piled snow possibly by artificial creation from a machine… inside snow mound will utilize indigenous tectonics of snow caves and ice bricks, creating secret passages through and around the mountain… connecting at the same time blocking pedestrian pathways and itinerant trajectories… a peripatetic rabbit warren… a secret garden… the pedestrian shopping mall becomes Rauma’s outdoor terrarium where invisible gases—water—become visible in a continuous cycle of unique reproduction—snow flakes—and sublimation—­all that is solid melts into air­­­­­… its monumental presence will be an incubator for new social activity, new collective programs, new ways of hanging out with old friends while meeting new ones… sledding… snow mound sponsors new ways of experiencing enclosure—the boundary between inside and outside—and space—the invisible substance that is defined by volume and sometimes mass… by its mere presence, absence is defined/ understood/ felt… shifting art from a project that represents to a project that does… The snow mound will be constructed by piling snow ontop of supportive metal tubes. Other techniques to be tested in field. © 2009 NOA: Benjamin Crotty, Andrew Heid and Nour Mobarak.

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Status: Built
Location: Rauma, FI
Firm Role: Architect
Additional Credits: © 2009 NOA: Benjamin Crotty, Andrew Heid and Nour Mobarak.