New York, NY


Foundation Les Oliviers

Mont-sur-Lausanne, Switzerland

In contrast to proposing a single box to house all of the foundation’s activities, this project conceives the foundation with two interconnected boxes. These two boxes shift along the site to optimize views and access while preserving the perimeter for future expansion and countryside. At strategic moments, the boxes melt into the hillside, at other moments they frame the street creating urban density at the city’s edge. Inside, the boxes are carved by two exterior courtyards providing light and air into the interior and outdoor terraces for the café and nursery. Weaving together the two boxes are the building’s floor plates conceived as a continuous double helix ramp. Due to the slope of the site, the ramps split into multiple floors, allowing different views of the landscape. Because the ramps form two loops, no department is isolated socially, fostering independence and interaction, while creating different moments of publicity and privacy.


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PROJECT: Foundation workshops, nursery, café, restaurant, offices, apartment

TYPE: Competition

SIZE: 6,421 m² (69,115 ft²)

CLIENT: Fondation Les Oliviers


LOCATION: Mont – sur – Lausanne, Switzerland

STATUS: Pending

VALUE: $12 million

KEY PERSON: Andrew Heid

TEAM: Marta Rodrigues, Dana AlMathkoor

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Mont-sur-Lausanne, Switzerland
Firm Role: Architect
Additional Credits: TEAM: Marta Rodrigues, Dana AlMathkoor