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(fer) studio

Inglewood, CA


Smashbox Studios

The Smashbox Studios project is a master plan, interior and exterior renovation of a corporate campus in Culver City, CA. The campus includes existing photo studios, creative office space for the SmashBox Cosmetics company, as well as event space, a kitchen and restaurant, parking, and garden areas. The two primary buildings, although adjacent and with various linked operational functions, were not directly accessible to all staff because of an out-of-date floor plan, adopted from the building’s previous tenant. The total building area is approximately 30,000 square feet, between the two primary buildings.

(fer) studio proposed a new concept plan for the property, based pedestrian patterns drawn from college campus design. The proposed plan links the two buildings together by developing a main corridor, like a main college green, between the two buildings. This green connector allows for pedestrian movement to naturally flow between the various departments, unifying them into a single organization. Overall, this conceptual planning work became the driving force to further develop this extensive remodel project.

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Status: Built
Location: Culver City, CA