(fer) studio

(fer) studio

Inglewood, CA


Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel Gift Shop

Situated inside of the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel on the iconic Walk of Fame, form environment
research (fer) studio converted a small storage space into a sparkling gift shop that captures Hollywood’s extravagance, humor, and glamor.

The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel Gift Shop converts a 300 square foot mezzanine alcove into a high-end boutique perched above the historic lobby. Well illuminated, the boutique shines from above the dimly lit main entryway.

In addition to a tiny footprint, a large off-center historical window occupies the back display wall, and
a 42" concrete beam above bifurcates the volume into two  zones. The design response is the creation of a jewel box shell. Lacquer stained maple paneling rises 13' high to create edge-lit glass display niches inside the walls, as well as much needed storage above and below. Display surfaces and laminated end grain plywood project horizontally to align with the layered mullion lines of the historic window, capturing the window as a display surface. Heavy industrial steel members hang from the deep concrete beam and support floating glass display shelves for the visitor to walk around and view from all sides. Finally, a sliding jewelry vitrine projects beyond the space and invites hotel visitors to enter the space to browse its unusual objects.

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Status: Built
Location: Hollywood, CA