Feng Ding

Feng Ding

Burbank, CA, US



Located on the Island of St. Criox, Virgin Islands, the site provides an ecosystem that is quite delecate in which any type of contruction would bring harm to the habitat. Several  issues that exist in the site is forest fragmentation. What this problem causes is the dispersement of  forest in this case more specifically the mangrooves which are native to the site, which slowly destroys the ecosystem as it no longers works as a whole but as a fragmented system which can no longer bare the natural conditions and gradually disappears.

Therefore because the site is located specifically in the ecological preserve in which the mangrooves are bieing preserved, it is absolutley crucial that only the  minimal amount of construction should be assigned to the site. The project RE-ASSEMBLED// is  a sustainable laboratory aimed at providing a means of sustainable building by RE  using shipping containers and their frames through a system of pre-ASSEMBLED// modules. This system of pre assembly allows for the contruction on site to be reduced in a major way, without impacting the site in a harmful way as a system of networks connected to several columns raised above the ground. The columns location is predetermined as it is driven by the site and are placed in a position in which least harm would be done to the site which is where there is the least amount of trees.

The advantage of this system of column placement, and pre-ASSEMBLED modules  allows for a system in which in the future can grow depending on the type of programatic demands the building needs. This allows for an always expanding building that grows in a sustainable manner as it not only takes the site into consideration but allows the site to RE- generate. 

Team: Alex, Nia

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: St. Criox, Virgin Islands,US