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The design for this international oil rig training school aims to brake the stereotype of place-less qualities often given to such institutional facilities. Teaching by Community and Learning by Doing, the conceptual driver for the project, provides a variety of educational programs that support the schools' efforts to boost student achievement and development, while motivating students to become engaged with learning.

The organizational structure places the drilling rig as a landmark, creating a grid of programmatic zones for living, learning, entertainment, service and nature. Sustainable aspects include the use of recycled/recycable materials, shading devices, a double roof system, modular construction, natural resource management, efficient site planning and adaptability respond to the fact that oil is a natural resource that will eventually run out; the NOMAD units can be dismantled and easily transported to another location to be re-used.

The NOMAD implements a hands-on, experience-based approach to education that emphasizes learning by doing and is designed to reinforce important academic and life skills through real-world experiences. Providing a self sustiaining system of resources and the best experience of a drilling camp site.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Bogotá, Colombia