Eylul Wintermeyer

Eylul Wintermeyer

New Haven, CT


A Home, A Canvas (Independent Work)

A dwelling as a Canvas

This small Chicago high-rise condominium transformed entirely, gut rehabbed, as it became a conceptual ‘canvas’, putting daily life on display to be exhibited artfully, as well as exhibiting the glass art collected by the client.

To do this, very practical changes were performed as a typical plan became an open plan that ‘displayed’. A one-bedroom lay- out with many wasteful hallways, dark spaces and a separations, transformed into an integrated space that maintained the distinc- tive qualities of each daily activity.
Since the main challenge was to make this 850 sq foot space feel vast and spacious, the new bedroom walls were partially built with glass so as to visually integrate its space into the living quarters, while the bedroom benefited from the view of the city.

The kitchen relocated towards daylight and expanded to generate a relationship with all other aspects of living. In other words, it became the knot that connected itself to all else, visually and in proximity.

The bathroom became the calm sanctuary as a stained glass win- dow illuminated it and defined its peaceful character.

The dining room table was placed in the prime spot of the condo- minium since its occupants spent most of their time there. The city lights literally became the background to a dinner party.

The living room found a cozy corner that enjoyed the vast view of the lake.

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Status: Built
Location: Chicago, IL, US
My Role: Sole responsibility for design and construction observation. PM.