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Illinois State Capitol

For well over a decade, EverGreene has been continually engaged directly by the Secretary of State and Architect of the Capitol to restore successive rooms in the State Capitol, beginning with the House and Senate Chambers in 2000. The Capitol is the masterpiece of French architect Alfred Henry Piquenard (1825‐1876), who supervised its construction and decoration from 1870 onward in a classic French Renaissance style. Our approach to each space, led by our Midwest Director of Restoration Terry Vanderwell, encompassed historic finishes investigation, design studies, maquettes, studio production and on‐site conservation and restoration.

The historic decorative scheme has been reinstated in several areas of the capitol, and included dozens of colors and finishes, including metallic paints and powders, stenciling, glazing, gilding, faux bois, and faux marbre. Unique carton-pierre ornament was conserved in the ceiling, and several scagliola columns and bases were restored. 

In addition to the decorative scheme, we also performed extensive conservation for many of the capitols murals, including the 42-foot-high Treaty With The Indians by Gustav Fuchs, three murals by Robert Grafton, and four upper alcove murals in the main rotunda.

Our work includes:

• House & Senate Chambers
• Room 212, former Supreme Court
• Rotunda and Alcoves
• Room 400 - Former Hall of Flags
• Third Floor West Corridor Vestibule
• Room 114
• First Floor Rotunda
• Room 104 Study
• Second Floor South Corridor Restoration

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Status: Built
Location: Springfield, IL, US
Firm Role: Historic Paint Investigation, Plaster Analysis, Plaster Restoration, Decorative Finishes, Scagliola, Mural Conservation