Eva Remec

Eva Remec

Ljubljana, SI


DIPLOMA THESIS:Modular design hotel in corporation with Trimo company

The goal was to create a modular design hotel using the characteristics of modular building and design. Design a hotel that works on urban and non-urban locations while using the same Trimo modular units.

The goal was to create a hotel with a story that would work both on suburban and urban locations.

Design of different hotel rooms, which are based on the same basic modul.
The concept of this rooms is a cube with a bed that is lifted in the air.  Lower floor of the room represents a living area and the upper part represents the sleeping area.

Design of different spaces for different programs.
Units that represent public program are designed as double height spaces with smaller modules inserted in them. This creates a dynamic space with vibrant and calm areas.

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Status: School Project
Location: Ljubljana