Eva Remec

Eva Remec

Ljubljana, SI


Backstage - hair salon

The idea for this hair saloon was to make the customers feel like they are in the backstage of a fashion show. Long, narrow, double height space allowed for a unique way of approaching the problem. The conventional front waiting room was replaced by a waiting room in a mezzanine on the backside of the space, which makes the arriving customers pass different hairdressers on arrival. In the well-organized narrow space this makes them feel like they have come from the runway (street) to the backstage (saloon). Use of industrial styled elements gives the customer a very raw almost unpleasant feel for the space, which is made homier with the addition of wooden elements.

The mezzanine represents a complete contrast from the hectic vibe in the ground floor. The customer rises on steep narrow stairs and arrives in a completely different space. The main feature is the floor, which is made from old Vogue magazine covers. All the furniture is therefore kept as minimal as possible to allow the floor to stand out. The space is also organized as a showroom for perfumes sold in the saloon.

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Status: Built
Location: Ljubljana, SI