Jeffrey Espinoza

Jeffrey Espinoza

Brooklyn, NY, US


Trellis Dwelling

     This multifamily residential project draws its design cues from the lattice system covering the building. A trellis's open framework is typically used to support the growth of plants and vines, in this project, the trellis is re-imagined to support and houses the spaces for the residents. Complete with a grocery store, cafe, and restaurant in the ground level, these programs further build upon the concept of using the trellis to support life. 

   As the building ages, the vines and greenery cover more area in the facade, creating a contrast with the surrounding concrete and glass cityscape. The building is intentionally subdued in color and texture to allow for the lush natural plants to take precedence. Strategically pushing and pulling the dwelling units provide constant contact with nature, accommodating for maximum sun exposure on both the south and west facade. 

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: New York, NY, US
My Role: Architectural Designer and Visualization artist
Additional Credits: Tacklebox Architecture

Adjacent Park
Adjacent Park