Jeffrey Espinoza

Jeffrey Espinoza

Brooklyn, NY, US


Et. Partitus

   Et. Partitus seeks to transcend the theatrical experience. The intervention hinges around the integration of architecture into landscape and landscape into performance. Rather than a focus on performers alone, the intervention invites nature and the elements as welcome participants in the performance. The theater seeks to evoke a sense of intimacy and timelessness between the visitor and the Portuguese coast through an architectural language that takes cues from the natural rock formation of the site as well as traditional amphitheater structures. 

   The flexible grand theater, cradled within a sea-locked canyon facilitates performance of varying scaled with its main focus, the stage, sitting just above the surface of the water. After the show ends, the amphitheater space is left open to the public for use by tourists and residents alike as a meeting place, a destination, or for a moment of quiet contemplation. With ocean mists and cracks of thunder, crimson sunsets and the crash of waves on a rock, the amphitheater deliberately left open to the elements as nature, both calm and sublime, are invited into the experience. 

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Baleal, PT
My Role: Architectural Designer and Architectural Visualization Artist
Additional Credits: Angelo Jones
Ivanna Hendri