New Orleans, LA


St. Pius Chapel & Prayer Garden

Designed as a quiet refuge and intimate sanctuary for sacred reflection and contemplation, the new Adoration Chapel on the St. Pius X campus is a subtle addition to the landscape. 
Parishioners were clear that the design of this new structure should complement the modernist character of the adjacent church (circa 1963) and its striking roof which rises in orchestrated planes from almost ground level to more than 75- feet above the church floor. The resulting steep angular pitch of the Adoration Chapel roofline and the use of wall-length windows cement the building’s relationship to one another in both form and context. 
The north façade of the chapel forms the edge of a new prayer garden between both structures. An additional space of tranquility and contemplation, the garden serves an equally important role by harvesting the run off of precipitation from both the church and chapel. Doing so permits the water to percolate slowly back into the soil without adding addition burden to storm water infrastructure.

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Status: Built
Location: New Orleans, LA, US
Firm Role: Architect of Record