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Mya is a project that acts as a social catalyst, engaging its immediate community as well as offering the sought-after comforts of affordable and market-rate housing.

The touchstone of commercial spaces of Mya is The Shop. Developed in collaboration with Domain Companies, this 30,000 sf space features flexible workspace, a roof deck, multiple meeting rooms, and comprehensive amenities aimed at amplifying local entrepreneurs and start-ups, while simultaneously offering a flexible space for community events and programming. Throughout, the EskewDumezRipple interiors team took inspiration from the movement, intersection, and industrial nature of nearby railroads which played an important role in the growth of Salt Lake City in the 1800’s. Natural woods, patinated leathers, black steel, and antiqued brass accents are used to afford a rustic yet sophisticated aesthetic. Similarly, wood slat ceiling reference rail tracks of the pioneering days, while graphic wall coverings provide subtle reference to the surrounding landscape.

In the residential portion of the program (with interiors designed by partner architect Farouki Farouki), the design team sought to find efficiencies in a difficult site with opportunities to enhance resident life. While all modules were required to be micro-units under 500 square feet, serrations introduce variety and excitement to what might otherwise have been a stoic exercise in Tetris. Drawing inspiration from the nearby mountain-scapes of Utah, the serrations offer another intended surprise: creating three unobstructed views for every resident within.

Similarly as a quickly growing but still underpopulated area of Salt Lake City, the project creates a small, walkable community. Beyond offering a variety of necessary services within the project itself, the building responds and extends a mid-block pedestrian pathway that connects to several civic assets, including Salt Lake City’s Public Library, Public Safety Building and The Leonardo Science and Art Museum.

As the commercial program portion of the building transitions into the residential side, so too does the mixed-use nature of Mya, which incorporates light gauge steel in its coworking spaces and traditional stick framing in its apartments. This solution in cutting carbon emissions also proved to be cost-effective in its construction, preventing about 1600 tons of CO2e by 2030, and rounding out to an overall cost of $157 per square foot.

In an area marked by rapid development, this project uses communal spaces and residential comforts to complement both the unique personality and rich landscapes that mark this environment.

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Status: Built
Location: Salt Lake City, UT, US
Firm Role: Architect of Record
Additional Credits: EskewDumezRipple project team
Steve Dumez, FAIA
Hussein Alayyan, AIA
Kim Nguyen, AIA
Gianna Morelli, AIA
Jill Traylor, NCIDQ
Waleed AlGhamdi, AIA
Jose Alvarez, AIA
Sam Levison

Consultant team
Architect of Record: EskewDumezRipple
Interior Design (Residential): Farouki Farouki
Wayfinding: ZAR
Landscape Designer: Duane Border Design
Structural Engineer: Fortis Structural LLC
MEP Engineer: PVE Inc