Ethan Rothermel

Ethan Rothermel

Chicago, IL, US


Colony One

Colony One is a multi-use building focusing on the future of space travel. Located in Pittsburgh, PA home to a Google campus and tech forward universities such as Carnegie Mellon, and new automated vehicle testing, the city is looking to become a technological giant in the upcoming years.

This building uses new and experimental technologies to show the world what is to come and to also inspire thinkers to create and innovate. The top floors are office and small testing spaces
for a privatized space travel company. The first floor is commercial space activating the streets and alleys on all sides of the building encouraging pedestrian movement and use throughout the site. The second floor is a science fiction museum meant to inspire and imagine the future. The third floor features rentable workshop spaces and a maker space for the public.

Colony One also meets living building requirements by using new and innovative ways for resource management. Rain water collection troughs feed a cistern underground for grey water recycling.Translucent LED panels clad the facade
allowing for daylight management as well
as night time displays.

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Status: School Project
Location: Pittsburgh, PA, US
Additional Credits: Margarida Mota