Eric Frisch

Eric Frisch

Orlando, FL, US


Culver's Restaurant

This busy fast-food restaurant needed more space for guests.  The existing patio was going to be removed because the owner was planning to expand the indoor dining area onto the patio.  I was in charge of coming up with a design for a new and larger patio in an unused lawn space on the property.  I incorporated a walkway through the middle and used seat walls all the way around the patio for both safety and for extra seating as needed.  All the patio furniture will be light-weight so they can be moved around and pulled together for larger parties.  All the walls and patio were made using Unilock paver products.  There is also an island planter in the middle to allow more seating and an ornamental tree.

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Status: Built
Location: Middleton, WI, US
My Role: Designer/estimator/quality-control/salesperson
Additional Credits: The architect I worked with put the design in my hands but the construction was all done by our team within our design/build firm.