Eric Chi Wang Tsang

Eric Chi Wang Tsang

Arcadia, CA, US

Physical model of bike storage modules that forms the building
Physical model of bike storage modules that forms the building
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Reconnection: DTLA 2030 District Bike Center

This is my bachelor of architecture senior project at Cal Poly Pomona, which got the HMC High Performance Design Award of 2014. Here are the project descriptions:


“A bikeway is a symbol that shows that a citizen on a $30 bicycle is equally important as
a citizen on a $30,000 car.”- Enrique Peñalosa.

Bike-transit centers enable people to make the choice of bicycling instead of driving. It
is well documented that improving the connectivity between bicycles, transit, and places
of business is one of the most cost-effective, equitable, efficient, and environmentally
beneficial urban strategies. The use of bicycles as a form of transportation also reduces
air pollution, vehicle congestion and reduces the effects of urban sprawl, therefore enhancing
the quality of life.

The project is a modular temporary wood structure that has an animated facade that
serves also as bike storage, this will keep the budget and construction time of this project
at the lowest. With this idea, the project can be built at different locations, including
below-occupancy parking lots, empty park spaces, or other kinds of unused spaces.
The prototype of this project is located in the Historic Old Bank District. Most of the
historic buildings, including the Hellman building and Van Nuys building were renovated
into mixed used buildings, which includes retail and restaurants on the ground level
and lofts on the upper levels. This gives a great opportunity to promote the use of bicycle
within the downtown Los Angeles by placing bike transit centers that provide opportunities
for the public to rent and store bicycles. Locker rooms, bathrooms with shower,
and bike repairing shops are the main supportive programs of the bike center, community
spaces including ourdoor seating area, eating area, and retail walkway are also part
of the program to attract more bikers to visit the downtown Los Angeles district.

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Status: School Project
Location: Los Angeles, CA, US
Additional Credits: Cal Poly Pomona, Professor Pablo LaRoche

Rendering with sustainable strategies diagram integrated
Rendering with sustainable strategies diagram integrated