Elijah Wood

Elijah Wood

College Station, TX, US



I am interested in architecture as a field of art and design. It is expressive in powerful ways and constantly amazes me. My view on architecture is not the correct one as I don’t believe there is a correct style. It simply is. I think, as architects, we have the power to influence people’s environments and alter how they interact with their surroundings. Being a control freak comes in to good use here, because I like to be able to develop and define rather than translate or interpret. I want to constantly be able to affect the field of architecture and the people I work with because they do the same to me. I don’t want to be inspired and stand in awe of buildings. I’d rather cause those reactions in not only the images and renderings I can produce, but within the argument of a project. I think that architecture must be argued and must be fought for, because if we do not intervene, the pop-culture mugging of architecture will be its demise.

I play way too many video games, and enjoy digital graphics and presentation. I think the video game industry, being filled with youth, is inspiring to me as a young architect. My interest in architecture can be partially attributed as being derived from the digital worlds created by many of the video games I played growing up.



Parviz Vessali, College Station, TX, US, Architectural Intern - Drafting

I assist in the documentation of prospective projects ranging from design to renovations and additions. Main responsibility is construction documentation to be delivered to contractors to bid out the projects.

Feb 2015 - current

TEEX Product Development Center, College Station, TX, US, Project Specialist - Design Lead

I am responsible for solving and delivering materials that clients can use to increase marketing exposure and improve their service/product through design. This has ranged from graphic design and branding, product renderings and animations, as well as prototyping using 3D printers. In addition to aiding clients I am to keep the projects on task and deliver them in a timely manner.

Mar 2014 - current

re:3D, Houston, TX, US, Design Intern

As an intern my role consisted of designing props to be used in a marketing project that visitors to our booth at Engadget Live could interact with. We modeled hats, glasses, swords and shields so that people with no knowledge of 3D printing could learn and be exposed to objects created by additive manufacturing, ultimately with the purpose of exposing them to the Gigabot, a large format 3D printer that re:3D manufactures.

May 2014 - Aug 2014


Texas A&M University, College Station, TX, US, Bachelors, Environmental Design

School provided me opportunities to continually pursue an understanding of the vast amount of computer tools that are available to architects. Not only CAD, but also social networking, GIS, and research databases; all influence the architecture of today and of tomorrow. I learned during this pre-professional degree that each problem invented by a proposal is given power by the information and research that informs the solution we architects choose to apply. This is ever evolving and ever changing but through conscious and intentional applications of design we can solve problems and ultimately craft the environment we occupy.

Aug 2011 - Dec 2014

Areas of Specialization