Eli Goteiner

Eli Goteiner

New York, NY, US

Eli Goteiner recently worked on...

...400 unit apartment complex and community center in Harlem, NY

Feb 12 '16

...425-unit mixed use, five building proposal in The Bronx

Oct 2 '15

...Design of new medical office building in Harlem.

Jul 24 '15

...Rehab of 9 rowhomes and new construction of one rowhome in Baltimore, design of 42-unit apartment building in The Bronx.

May 22 '14

...Gut renovation of an apartment in Harlem and the design of a new space for an iconic Harlem lounge.

Dec 14 '13

...Renovation and expansion of a church and an apartment renovation in Harlem.

Oct 9 '13

...Documentation/drawings for a day care center in Brooklyn.

Jul 25 '13

...Somerville mixed-use TOD project back in progress

Jan 9 '13

...Consultation for conversion of a 1BR/1BA apartment into a 2BR/2BA apartment.

Nov 27 '12

...Transit-oriented development in Somerville, MA

Jan 18 '12