Ebrahim Poustinchi

Ebrahim Poustinchi

Los Angeles, CA, US




Architect | Graphic designer

UCLA M.Arch II SURASTUDIO teaching assistant /technology director assistant, Summer 2014
UCLA SUPRASTUDIO Summer exhibition Art director/Designer | UCLA Perloff gallery

Graphic design consultant/designer for UCLA A.UD Publication / 2014

Vision Science for Dynamic Architecture | Hay Research Grant Program | ANFA
PIS : Sergei Gepshtein, Alex McDowell and Greg Lynn

Research assistant


2013-2014 Master of Architecture II Candidate (Post Professional Degree), UCLA
GPA: 3.78 / 4
2006-2012 Bachelor of Architecture, University College of Fine Arts, University of Tehran
Theses: Self-scrutiny Museum (Grade: 91.25/100)
2006 High School Diploma (Mathematics), Pirooz high shool, Theran
GPA: 99/100


Architectural Rhino, Grasshopper (+ Weaverbird, Paneling tools), AutoCAD, Maya, Sketchup, V-Ray, KeyShot, ZBrush

Robotic BD Move (Plug-in For Maya by Bot and Dolly), GodZilla (Plug-in For Grasshopper by Robofold) 

Graphical Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After effects 

Other Sibelius (music composition and notation software) , CLO3D (Fashion design), MS Office 

Fabrication Model making, Laser cutting, CNC milling, 3D printing , Composite laminating


2014 Opera Rollercoaster
A proposal for flying architecture

2014 Boeing future factory
Collaboration with Boeing for redesigning the C-17 factory

2014 4D Graphics | The “Object”
Collaboration with UCLA A.UD for new generation of robotic advertising and promotion 

2014 Performance Stage Background
cirque du soleil | UCLA A.UD 
Designing the stage back ground for cirque du soleil lecture at UCLA IDEAS

2014 LA river | City of Glendale
Thom Mayne and now institute
Gehry partners and Gehry techniques
Greg Lynn and Bot&Dolly Move


2014 Website:
Introduced as designer of one of 12 creative inspiring posters

2013 Website: 
Presented as one of selected designers working on Typographic posters

2013 Magazine: "Talk" magazine of visual arts 
Introduced as a young talented graphic designer

2012 Book: 28th Fajr international music fetival
Art director and Graphic designer 

2012(!) Book: Function of Style (by Farshid Moussavi | Harvard Graduate School of Design)
Contributing as a 3D modeler (Ready to publish)

2012(!) Book: Young (-35) Iranian Graphists
Selected by Farhad Fozouni , Mehran Zamani - Yassavoli publication (Ready to publish) 

2012 Book: T.P.T (Trnava poster triennial) finalists' works
Introduced as a finalist of triennial 

2011 Book: 3rd Fadjr international festival of visual arts finalists' works
Introduced as one of artists received honorable mention 

2010 Article: Brasilia, Unsuccessful Utopia
Memar -24, Architectural E-Magazine

2009 Book: Trough the lightness of the rain
Music Book - Composed music Pieces (Tavangaran Publication) - ISMN: M-9014504-2-4


2014 Golden Bee 11 (Moscow International Biennale of Graphic Design)
Finalist (Professional section) 

2012 "Mohsen Rasoul-of" award, 9th Tassvir-e sal festival of visual arts
The first prize winner as the top under 25 year Iranian graphist 

2012 T.P.T (Trnava poster triennial), Slovakia
Finalist (Professional section) 

2012 4th Fadjr International visual arts festival
Special recognition

2012 World graphics day | Isfahan graphics house
Special recognition
2012 13th Radio poster festival, Tehran, Arasbaran Gallery 

2012 Tehran municipality exhibition, Iran artists' house

2011 4th Persian gulf international poster exhibition

2008 Young music players' festival
Selected as top Tar player

2006 Full scholarship, University of Teheran 
Bachelor of Architecture (2006-2012) 


2014 UCLA SUPRASTUDIO (M.Arch II program)
Teaching assistant /technology director assistant

2014 UCLA SUPRASTUDIO (M.Arch II program)
Digital fabrication techniques, CAD/CAM

2012 University of Tehran
Postproduction in rendering

2004-2008 Pirooz high school | Privet Classes 
Geometry, Mathematics, Algabra



2012-2013 Tarh-o sazeh Consultant Engineers
Designer (Part time)

2012-2013 KHA Architects (Kamran Afshar Naderi |Mashhadimirza Architects| Majdabadi Architects)
Design Assistant (Part time)

2012-2013 Iranian Re Co. (Reinsurance)
Designer (New Office)

2012-2013 Mashhadimirza Architects 
Design assistant, 3D modeler

2011 Saray-e Bazi Sazi
Parametric Designer for digital game environment

2010-2012 Omran Abnieh Asayesh Consulting engineers
Part time design assistant (As an architecture student), 3D modeler 


2008-2013 "Bayan" music ensemble 
Rabab player

2008-2013 "Mahriz" music ensemble
Rabab player 

2013 Concert in "Arasbaran" music hall
Mahriz ensemble 

2012 Concert in "Vahdat" music hall (Most famous concert halls in Iran)
Bayan ensemble 

2011 Concert in "Rudaki" music hall (One of the most famous concert halls in Iran)
Bayan ensemble

2008-2009 "Nimrouz" music ensemble 
Tar player


2008-Present "Bayan" music ensemble 
Graphic designer 

2012-Present "Rah gozar-e haft eghlim" music Inc.
Graphic designer

2012-Present "Sanam" Music ensemble
Graphic designer

2013 "Mosallas" Publication 
Graphic designer (limited)


2011 Architectural Association (AA) school of architecture, visiting school, Tehran
2011 Tensioned Fabric Structure Workshop by Robert Off, Tehran
2011 Second international Conference in Architecture and Structure, Tehran
2011 Third National conferences in space frame structures, Tehran
2011 Towards New Architecture, International conference by Nader Ardalan (Harvard), Tehran
2010 Editorial board of University of Tehran architecture students' scientific association, Tehran
2010 Group exhibition | Selected works of architecture students, Tehran 
2009 Convened a workshop on Iranian brickworks along with series of lectures on the issue
2009 "Shopping centers lighting" lecture | Main building, University of Tehran


2010 A field study on contemporary conditional of "Darakeh Neighborhoods"

Studing One of the Public parts of Tehran and appropriate ways to improve the relationships among people and enhance the quality of environment- Team Work.

2008-2009 A Field Study on a Rural Area at Center of Iran (Komroud)
Studing Current conditions, social aspects, and unwanted changes taken place during recent years,
designing according to ancient values and inhabitant’s needs- Team Work.

2009 A Field Study on “Takhte-e- Jamshid”(Perspolis) One of the UNESCO’s World Heritage
Analyzing its current conditions and evaluating the methods of conservation-Team Work

2008 Research on “Music and architecture in iran and Europe”
Analyzing Analyzing shape of instruments and architectures to show an Analogy between them in 
old cultures .


UCLA Department of Architecture and Urban Design, Los Angeles, CA, US, Teacher Assistant

Teaching assistant for SUPRASTUDIO (M.Arch II program at UCLA)

Aug 2014 - current

KHA Architects, Tehran, IR, Design Assistant (Part time)

3D modeler and design assistant at KHA Architects (Kamran Afshar Naderi |Mashhadimirza Architects| Majdabadi Architects)

Dec 2012 - Jul 2013

Tarh o sazeh Consultant Engineers, Tehran, IR, Designer (Part time)

Part time designer and 3D modeler

Jun 2012 - Apr 2013

Iranian Re Co. (Reinsurance), Tehran, IR, Facade Designer

"IRANIAN Reinsurance" company asked me to design the facade of their new office to be a sign as well as piece Architecture and art.

Jun 2012 - Feb 2013

Omran Abnieh Asayesh Consulting engineers, Tehran, IR, Part time design assistant (Intern), 3D modeler

Jun 2010 - Sep 2012

Saray-e Bazi Sazi (Game environment design), Tehran, IR, Parametric Designer for digital game environment

Jun 2011 - Oct 2011


University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), Los Angeles, CA, US, Masters, M.Arch II, Greg Lynn's Suprastudio

Aug 2013 - Jun 2014

University of Tehran (UT), Tehran, IR, BArch, Architecture

Sep 2006 - Jul 2012


Golden Bee 11, Nomination

Finalit | Moscow International Biennial of Graphic Design


mohsenprize, 1st Place

The first prize winner as the top under 25 year Iranian graphic designer


T.P.T, Nomination

Finalit | Trnava poster triennial, Slovakia


4th Fadjr International visual arts festival, Honorable Mention


Isfahan graphics house, Honorable Mention

World graphics day | Isfahan graphics house


Areas of Specialization